“Crazy” is on the fast track for heavy rotation on soft rock radio for the adult contemporary audience. If somehow you’ve missed the phenomena on David Letterman, SNL or Regis and Kelly, I’m sure the track is coming soon to a cubicle near you. Having been to art school, I suffered through the fact that rap was more a cool commodity than anything that my Neutral Milk Hotel loving peers would call music. Its for this very reason I get so frustrated when eventually an artist or group does crossover and I get stuck having conversations about hip-hop and its finer points with rockers and bike geeks while we hang out at a potluck listening to Belle and Sebastian. All the hating aside, its not that the product isn’t quality or the artists aren’t talented but there’s only so much I can take. At this point “Crazy” has sold more than a million digital copies and its not because its either band member’s most interesting endeavor in the Wide World of Music.

DANGER MOUSE- “It Ain’t Hard To Tell [Nas vs. Portishead]” (Unreleased, 2001)

DANGER MOUSE- “Top Billin’ [ Audio 2 vs. Air]” (Unreleased, 2001)

TRICK DADDY feat. CEE-LO- “In Da Wind” (Slip-N-Slide Records, 2002)

COOL BREEZE- “Watch For The Hook (Dungeon Family Mix)” (Interscope, 1998)



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    i dont care if this is published. some people love rap some think its crap. but if tou dont wanna hear then dont listen to it. everyone has their own ethnicy which they have rights to. wHat i mean is.. certain people listen to certain stuff, watch certain stuff… its just what they believe in.. or like… but if you dont like stuff… porn rap gross comedy.THEN DONT PAY ATTENTION TO IT!.

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    Why should others suffer!

    btw the new Akon smack that & wanna fuk you frikken A+ LOL awwwsommmee

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