New Dizzee Rascal has leaked. An interesting track for a number of reasons. First off, the beat is a loop of Lyn Collin’s “Think”, most famously used in hip hop for “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and EZ Rock. This recalls Dizzee’s breakthrough single in the U.S., “Fix Up, Look Sharp” which used Billy Squire’s “The Big Beat” as it’s beat. Engage the Americans with the least amount of effort, use their breakbeats!

The song itself is pretty nice, a heavy bass drop and wheezing synthes punctuate the drum loop as Dizzee barks about doublecrosses and useless friends. It’s strange to hear most of the whine has left his voice and been replaced by a more authoritarian command. Secondly, there’s no more double time in his flow, which is a real shame. Has he stopped listening to UGK or what? One of the things that made Dizzee so engaging to US hip hop fans was his flow was like a perversion of double time US flow; Jay Z and Bun B put thru the wringer of jungle and garage. Now, he just sounds less unique. There’s certainly no mistaking him for anyone else, but the jar dropping shock of the new of “Fix Up, Look Sharp”, “I Luv U” or “Stop Dat” is simply not here.

The other songs I’ve heard leaked from the new LP “Maths and English” were at slower tempos at well, more compatible with hip hop than current grime. It’s will be interesting to see if people throw these songs into hip hop sets. It’s a shame this song, with its particular drum loop isn’t faster, as then it would mix well with Baltimore breaks, which has beat the “Think” drum loop into the ground at around 130 bpm.

The song has caused some controversy as it seems to be about Dizzee’s former mentor Wiley. The relationship between these two has been cold for the last few years (for reasons too varied and unsubstantiated to get into here), with Wiley tossing both barbs and pleas Rascal’s way with no response until now. Currently, Wiley’s myspace page says “DIZZEE IM SAYING LETS CLASH IM WAITING,” and it will be interesting to see if Dizzee will bothered to say anything more on the subject besides this song.

Dizzee Rascal– Pussy Hole (XL/Dirty Stank , 1987)


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