Bobby Able’s: MY TROUBLES WITH WOMEN (pt. I)


Despite being a HUGE fan of female soul singers like Aretha, Lyn Collins, and various Betty’s (Adams, Harris, Wright, Davis , etc.), I have never listened to much female rap. I own a few MC Lyte and Queen Latifah 12”s, but in general female MC’s are not my thing.

This once led to some little publicist trust fund twat (uh, pardon my French) to call me “gay” and to “feel sorry for me”, because I stated that Dizzee Rascal was much more talented than hipster cover girl/grime fakir supreme, Lady Sovereign…

Now, to redeem my credentials among my post-feminist sistren, I present “Respect” by The Get Fresh Girls, from their album “Trickin’ ( I Seen Your Boyfriend ), and “Respect” by Anquette.


“Respect”, the title track off the LP “Trickin'”, is one of those Miami booty club classics that you probably know the main refrain of, (“I seen your boyfriend, I- I seen your man”) even if you’ve never heard it. Oddly, or not odd at all depending on your knowledge of Miami Bass, most of the LP is not bass at all, but NY style hip hop, albeit with an emphasis on the low end. The album came out in 1991, near the end of the “Second Wave” of Miami Bass, which looked towards New York hip hop just as much as it looked towards internal Miami influences. Records like “I Wanna Rock” by Luke and “Shake Watcha Mama Gave Ya” by Poison Clan also came out in 1991 and signaled the rise of a more high BPM style that was cut off from the traditional New York hip hop tree. This song comes at the end of an era; where 808 kicks and chanted vocal choruses could share album space with James Brown samples and drum breaks.

anquette4.jpgThe track samples “Respect”by Aretha Franklin, something fellow Floridians and Luke Skywalker protégés Anquette had done 3 years earlier on the title track of their “Respect” LP. While the Anquette song was more or less a straight loop of Aretha with programmed 808 drums on top, the production on the Get Fresh Girls track sounds influenced by the Bomb Squad’s “Wall of Noise” production for Public Enemy, with prominent usage of the dissonant guitar intro from ESG’s “UFO” and multiple tracks of abrasive scratches.

Also, while the tone on the Anquette song is a “Ladies First” type pro-female stance, the Get Fresh Girls track is positively castrating in comparison. Fast and furious from the opening intro, Get Fresh Girl Regina grabs her boyfriend by the nuts for wanting to watch the game instead of spending time with her. Ladies, I ask you, what is wrong with wanting to watch some football with boys? It’s not as if you want to watch football with us… Regardless, the tone she takes will make any man’s balls retreat into his stomach, I promise… The male character can barely get a word in edgewise. For all those who point at the 2 Live Crew as evidence of the sexism of Miami bass, this track is a great rejoinder that the women do indeed get their digs in…

Anquette– Respect (1988)
The Get Fresh Girls– Respect (1991)


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