He’s The Mix Master

mixmaster1.jpgI don’t know exactly who the hell Mix Master Spade was but this song is ridiculous. Paying his dues early on after learning to blend during a short stint in the NY, Spade put LA on the map along with the likes of Dre, DJ Pooh, Toddy Tee and Aladin (who were also his collaborators). Spade is a seminal figure in the pioneering of West Coast rap and in addition to several independent productions on his own L.A. Posse Records in 89, he was also featured on the quintessential cut “Batterram” (Evejim Records, 1985), King Tee’s album “Act a Fool” (Capitol, 1988) and more recently alongside Snoop on the massive posse cut by Tha Eastsidaz “Dogghouse in Your Mouth” (TVT Records, 2001). Tragically, Spade died in 2005 as a result of complications from a motorcycle accident.

Mix Master Spade- It’s the Mix Master (L.A. Posse Records, LAP1111)

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