Peter Gunn/Reaganomics Bust A Posse Cut



posse-cut.jpgI don’t know what is more ill than this press photo. Probably the fact that Peter Gunn and Reaganomics fit all these egos on one track. Roll a blizzy and kick back for 42 minutes of funk:

Shit’s Gonna Hit The Fan- Beatnuts
Straight Jacket- Kool G. Rap
I’m Not Playing- Ultimate Force
Spoiled Rotten- Poison Clan
Get the F.I.S.T.- Get the F.I.S.T. Movement
(DJ Pooh ft. King Tee, Yo Yo, MC Eiht, B Real, J-Dee, Kam, Threat & Ice Cube)
Jeep Ass Niguh- Masta Ace
Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz- Lost Boyz / Ya Playin’ Yaself- Jeru Da Damaja
Fat Pockets (radio remix)- Showbiz and A.G.
The Phunky Feel One (extended mix)- Cypress Hills
Search 4 The Lyte- MC Lyte
Duck Down- Boogie Down Productions
Mr. Scarface- Scarface


pure-fire.jpgReign of the Tec- Beatnut Watch the Sound- Fat Joe
Bass N the Truck- DJ Kool
They Want Efx (remix)- Das Fx
Rock the Ruff Rapps- 3,2,1
Live at MSG- Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Shyheim, and Big Daddy Kane
Show and Prove- Big Daddy Kane feat. Big Scoob, Sauce, Shyheim, Jay Z and ODB Spell it With a “J”- Kurious
85 South- Y’all So Stupid
Ooh the Doo Dew Man- Resident Alien
Sounds of Fattness- Bigga Sistas
It’s Hard Being the Kane- Big Daddy Kane
It’s Hard Being the Kane (Marley Marl extended remix)- Big Daddy Kane
100 Miles and Runnin’ N.W.A.
The Band Gets Swivey On the Wheels- Son of Bazerk

Download the mix HERE

Learn more about Peter Gunn HERE

Learn more about Reaganomics HERE






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