The Sun Sets in the West

a-100757-1085956829.jpgI’m sure you’ve probably all heard this but I ripped it off some vinyl to have on my iPod because it is so fresh. The greatest part about earlier Dre production is the fact that it comes with all the golden samples instead of the wailing organs of the West. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the man for all he’s done but this record could have been made in New Jersey for God’s sake. Yet it wasn’t. Bitches and OG’s…I bring to you tonite, hailing from Pomona, CA (home of the DoggyPound):

ABOVE THE LAW- Untouchable (Ruthless Records, 1990)

(and to think that I aspired to dress like these young men as a junior highschooler in the Boston suburbs…that’s culture!)


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