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Ummah flip fast and b!t@h slap a vic rapper.

There’s been a lot of talk about a post on this site from about a year ago. It was about the Kemetic Suns crew and the Fundamentals who put out the record “Stop the World: Science Must Progress”. The Fundamentals were KarmaChi and King Koncepts. I reupped that post for all of your enjoyment and […]

Magnetic Resonance

I’m not much of a T La Rock buff and I probably know about half as much about Kool Keith as your local indie rocker but their rhyme patterning is inconceivably similar at times. Russell Simmons on T La Rock: “It [“It’s Yours”] was big, big in the underground. T (T La Rock) started the […]

The Sun Sets in the West

I’m sure you’ve probably all heard this but I ripped it off some vinyl to have on my iPod because it is so fresh. The greatest part about earlier Dre production is the fact that it comes with all the golden samples instead of the wailing organs of the West. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

Kemetic Suns

Apparently, Fundamentals were a short lived Bay Area group and members of the crew Kemetic Sons. They probably smoked blunts with The Grouch! Making mostly underground cassettes, their 2 members (KarmaChi and King Koncepts), went on to do other projects including the respected Konceptual Dominance (Kirby Dominant & King Koncepts). I enjoy this track. I […]

Peter Gunn/Reaganomics Bust A Posse Cut

    I don’t know what is more ill than this press photo. Probably the fact that Peter Gunn and Reaganomics fit all these egos on one track. Roll a blizzy and kick back for 42 minutes of funk: Shit’s Gonna Hit The Fan- Beatnuts Straight Jacket- Kool G. Rap I’m Not Playing- Ultimate Force […]

He’s The Mix Master

I don’t know exactly who the hell Mix Master Spade was but this song is ridiculous. Paying his dues early on after learning to blend during a short stint in the NY, Spade put LA on the map along with the likes of Dre, DJ Pooh, Toddy Tee and Aladin (who were also his collaborators). […]


No we can’t. A fruitless search on Google reveals little about the roots of the MC’s of Rap. Hailing from Miami they have 3 releases on Discogs. This one is kind of a Fast Rap/Ragga split, which I appreciate more than the Bass Music. You can download whole albums here if you have a computer […]


I’ve always enjoyed a Delroy Wilson records that I picked up a long time ago in NY and having just seen “This Is England” I got nastolgic for the soulful sound. If you haven’t seen the film I would do so. Anyways, “This Is England”+1AM YouTube Surfing= A Dancing Mood


I found this record the other day at a digging spot in North Beach (for those who know The Bay). I was excited to find some dancehall on the old Pow Wow Label and had heard Papa San shouted out in many recordings including Raheem’s “The Invincible”, which includes some heavy disses of its own. […]


Skinny Boys– Get Pepped (Zomba, 1988)