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What It Is? (Grime)

Grime came out of UK garage music, which was a sort of sped up UK raver version of house music. Classic house music tempo is 120bpm, wheras garage (also known as “speed garage”) is usually at 140bpm. The music was mostly instrumental, but when played at the same raves that jungle (a/k/a drum n bass) […]


No we can’t. A fruitless search on Google reveals little about the roots of the MC’s of Rap. Hailing from Miami they have 3 releases on Discogs. This one is kind of a Fast Rap/Ragga split, which I appreciate more than the Bass Music. You can download whole albums here if you have a computer […]


I found this record the other day at a digging spot in North Beach (for those who know The Bay). I was excited to find some dancehall on the old Pow Wow Label and had heard Papa San shouted out in many recordings including Raheem’s “The Invincible”, which includes some heavy disses of its own. […]


Bobby Able passed along this “Crazy” remix by Punchline. It’s available here as a 7″ on Punchline Records. Punchline- Creezy Hype (Punchline Records, 2006)