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Peter Gunn/Reaganomics Bust A Posse Cut

    I don’t know what is more ill than this press photo. Probably the fact that Peter Gunn and Reaganomics fit all these egos on one track. Roll a blizzy and kick back for 42 minutes of funk: Shit’s Gonna Hit The Fan- Beatnuts Straight Jacket- Kool G. Rap I’m Not Playing- Ultimate Force […]

Bobby Able’s: MY TROUBLES WITH WOMEN (pt. I)

Despite being a HUGE fan of female soul singers like Aretha, Lyn Collins, and various Betty’s (Adams, Harris, Wright, Davis , etc.), I have never listened to much female rap. I own a few MC Lyte and Queen Latifah 12”s, but in general female MC’s are not my thing. This once led to some little […]


Two of the illest shuffle beats ever from a woman who can’t seem to go away and a group that barely was. Production-wise, Chubb Rock and Howie Tee & the 45 King are timeless on these two: Seeborn and Puma- They Call Me Puma (Select Records, 1987) Queen Latifah- Princess of the Posse (Tommy Boy, […]