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What It Is? (Grime)

Grime came out of UK garage music, which was a sort of sped up UK raver version of house music. Classic house music tempo is 120bpm, wheras garage (also known as “speed garage”) is usually at 140bpm. The music was mostly instrumental, but when played at the same raves that jungle (a/k/a drum n bass) […]


New Dizzee Rascal has leaked. An interesting track for a number of reasons. First off, the beat is a loop of Lyn Collin’s “Think”, most famously used in hip hop for “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and EZ Rock. This recalls Dizzee’s breakthrough single in the U.S., “Fix Up, Look Sharp” which used Billy […]


I was in London recently for a very warm two weeks of Indian summer type weather in October. Yet, every school kid I saw was wearing a sweatshirt with his hood up… like constantly… 75 degrees and sunny (which, in England, is about as rare as a straight set of pearly whites) and these kids […]